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Federation status: See here!

NOTE: Federation is disabled on this instance!

You can test federation between the following instances:
Vervis @

Eventually-decentralized project hosting and management platform







ForgeFed/ActivityPub Federation in Vervis

At the time of writing, here’s the current status of federation implemented in Vervis.


For more details, read below.

Federation triggered by regular UI

The ticket comment UI allows to see tickets and comments, and if you’re logged in, you can post new comments. If you wish to post a comment on a ticket hosted on another server, not the one on which your account is hosted, see the dedicated federation pages listed below.

GET endpoints

GET /publish

A page where you can write and publish a ticket comment, either on a local ticket (i.e. a ticket on a project hosted on the same server as your account) or on a remote ticket (i.e. a ticket on a project hosted on some other server).

GET /inbox

A test page that displays received activities and the result of their processing.

GET /s/joe/inbox

A page that displays your personal inbox. It should list all ticket comments on projects you’ve created and and ticket comments on tickets you previously commented on.

POST endpoints

POST /s/joe/outbox

Personal endpoint for publishing ticket comments. When you submit the form in the /publish page, this is where it is sent. In the future you’ll be able to see the content of your outbox, and other people will be able to see the public items in your outbox.

You can access this endpoint without using the /publish page, but Vervis doesn’t have OAuth2 support yet, so you’ll need to log in first and grab the cookie, and send it along with the request.

POST /s/joe/inbox

Personal endpoint to which other servers deliver ticket comments for you to see. These are comments on tickets on which you previously commented, and thus automatically became a follower of thosr tickets.

POST /s/joe/p/proj/inbox

Per-project inbox, to which projects receive ticket comments from other servers. If someone on another server publishes a comment on your project, then your project will receive the comment at this endpoint and the comment will be displayed when you visit the ticket page.