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fr33domlover 435f0df3e0 S2S: Support commenting on sharer-patch and repo-patch 8 days ago
fr33domlover 19f0f26e06 S2S: Support unfollowing sharer-patch and repo-patch 8 days ago
fr33domlover 091a75d084 S2S: Support following sharer-patch and repo-patch 8 days ago
fr33domlover 49d1ded424 Support addressing, delivery and forwarding for sharer-patches and repo-patches 8 days ago
fr33domlover eacf362927 Add repo-hosted patch routes and GET handlers 9 days ago
fr33domlover 150d344157 Rename RepoPatchR to RepoCommitR, we'll use the old name for merge requests 9 days ago
fr33domlover dd0215b986 Return sorted PatchId list from the get*Patch functions 9 days ago
fr33domlover ab97f7d847 Support forwarding activities from repo actors 10 days ago
fr33domlover f22e9391b7 AP: In getSharerPatchR, provide the list of patch versions, latest first 10 days ago
fr33domlover 0ae32698f3 Add patch version route and GET handler, serving a specific patch file 10 days ago
fr33domlover d4e11a0767 AP: Recognize "CryptographicKey" as a type of http sig keys 10 days ago
fr33domlover 94bb49d423 S2S: If sharer inbox handler fails, return and log the error message 11 days ago
fr33domlover 8398c6a524 Refactor sharer-ticket and sharer-patch GET handler code to reuse similar parts 11 days ago
fr33domlover f9e88bf9b6 Update package description in vervis.cabal, we're already federating! Mostly :P 11 days ago
fr33domlover 7c74ec6975 Add GET routes and handlers for sharer-hosted patches 11 days ago
fr33domlover 4391da45eb DB: Generalize TicketProjectLocal into TicketContextLocal 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 69af8b550b Startup: Sort the repo-tree-from-filesystem, it's not sorted by default 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 54ce0cc89d Startup: If repo dir check fails, print both versions of repo tree 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover d709a11ecc getProjectTicketsR: In AS2, list remote tickets too 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 69cd4feec6 In getProjectTicket, return TUP alongside TAL to prove it exists 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 84c97e9b4e In getSharerTicket, support remote project 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover a22c81e53c Comment out more uses of ticket team collection 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover e6c39e870f Comment out some usage of ticket team collection for addressing 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover a0e6b8fec9 S2S: sharerCreateNoteF: If ctx is sharer-ticket of another user, store to inbox 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 1b865b8efb C2S: In followC, return friendly message if already following the target object 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 30e5cd2bc6 S2S: sharerCreateNoteF caches note and does inbox fwd if sharer is ticket owner 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 2df593d661 S2S: sharerCreateNoteF & projectCreateNoteF can handle sharer-hosted tickets 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 4aef8f2982 C2S: Rewrite createNoteC based on createTicketC 4 weeks ago
fr33domlover 5c61741418 DB: Attach a RemoteDiscussion to each RemoteTicket, for caching comments 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover f5488748fd When HTTP-fetching actors, remember their 'followers' as a LocalURI 7 weeks ago
1 / 32 > 3 4
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