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UPDATE: Federation is coming! Very early testing

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fr33domlover 129355838f Add ID URI field to RemoteMessage 26 hours ago
fr33domlover b87dbac6ce When receiving HTTP signed request, check the keyId host for weird cases 27 hours ago
fr33domlover f504a53d75 Publish actor documents for projects, and add some new properties to Actor 27 hours ago
fr33domlover 69538bc00a Add a custom ActivityPub actor type: Project 29 hours ago
fr33domlover 47c571d7d4 New module Yesod.FedURI: Render routes into FedURI and LocalURI 29 hours ago
fr33domlover 17ec3e0d15 Allow actors not to list any public keys at all 30 hours ago
fr33domlover f7de90186c In ticket comment tree, support mixing local and remote (federated) comments 31 hours ago
fr33domlover d51edc47e6 Remove Discussion's nextMessage field, it's not being used anymore 2 days ago
fr33domlover 50302051e4 Automatically set approot to https://HOST and require Host header to match 4 days ago
fr33domlover 394f2c3d7b When verifying HTTP sig, require ActivityPub-Actor to be signed only if present 5 days ago
fr33domlover eb7f52b377 Switch ticket comment IDs to use Hashids-of-MessageId instead of custom number 5 days ago
fr33domlover 1758174dfd Make frg:isShared key property optional, it was accidentally required 5 days ago
fr33domlover 6df7d9fc13 Parse/encoding audience targetting activity fields 7 days ago
fr33domlover 74cf7bcd80 Add activity types Follow, Accept, Reject 7 days ago
fr33domlover 0a644d6152 Explain keyfile loading in 10 days ago
fr33domlover 6b58b27879 Use file based switches to relax keyfile loading rules 10 days ago
fr33domlover 1777934f87 HTTP Signature verification: RSA-SHA256 and PEM/ASN1 support 10 days ago
fr33domlover 49c7d5a2e5 Adapt Activity/Create/Note to new ActivityPub typeclass and add safety checks 11 days ago
fr33domlover dcc17ebb90 Define HMAC based access token and switch CapSignKey from Ed25519 to HMAC 11 days ago
fr33domlover db46d22448 When POSTing an activity, protect remote actor DB insertion with withHostLock 11 days ago
fr33domlover 1b082e4b88 Fix typo in comment 12 days ago
fr33domlover 6b137b3749 Fix instance mutex deadlock, accidentally initialized the MVar empty 12 days ago
fr33domlover 3e4710f8fb Move remote actor DB code from Foundation to separate module 12 days ago
fr33domlover 0af807b7a0 Fix typo in actor key route 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 4fc8027f23 When verifying HTTP sig, make Ed25519 verification failure message clearer 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover e27ca3a0dc Don't check CSRF token in InboxR, POSTs there freely come from other servers 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover f7d7b3563f Catch sig generation error when sending signed HTTP POST 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover e76a77e16c Fix default actor URI in OutboxR form, from /p to /s 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover fd6e2c030b Fix bug in FedURI parsing 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover da1bb8639a Display clearer error message when GETing recipient actor fails 2 weeks ago
1 / 19 > 3 4