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fr33domlover a32b9acf29 Periodically rotated AP actor key for signing ActivityPub requests 3 days ago
fr33domlover 37ae618656 Launch service thread with a function that re-throws if they fail 3 days ago
fr33domlover 2d0f7e9bcb Remove HTTP connection manager, it's not being used 4 days ago
fr33domlover 46e8fb8214 Turn into a safe script and document in 4 days ago
fr33domlover cc0d58792c Palette: Make the dark blue lighter, it's too dark against the #111 background 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 1c0714ee09 In repo change feed, entry ID is now the URL of patch page 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover c1b1a75d51 Remove GitOld module, it's not in use anymore 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover 3904b07874 Remove the src-old dir, no need for it anymore (since long time ago) 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover 5af1fbbc68 Update to reflect latest status 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover 006ec5d967 Upgrade to GHC 8.4 and LTS 12 6 weeks ago
fr33domlover 7b6fb18221 Mention in a way to build against libssl 1.1 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover 43e5f1ee56 Place dependency libraries in a 'lib' subdir instead of same dir as Vervis 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover f7d17e446e Use apt in, not apt-get (thanks vaeringjar!) 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover 65be46c185 Mention in README that INSTALL does exist 2 months ago
fr33domlover 4a22ce4fb1 Remove table headers from repo source dir view 2 months ago
fr33domlover d4b14dfb97 Document running the SSH server on port 22 2 months ago
fr33domlover d0a912ecf4 Some CSS tweaks 6 months ago
fr33domlover 8de2f86b94 Change color scheme to something hopefully not controversial 6 months ago
fr33domlover a6667ae858 Add CSRF token to all buttons through a new `buttonW` widget 6 months ago
fr33domlover 1fee7b7c74 Repo tree view: Replace [D] and [F] with Unicode chars 6 months ago
fr33domlover 9fb815b670 Darcs patch parser: Make sure we read the whole patch successfully 6 months ago
fr33domlover ac158fe92e Fix Darcs patch author parsing 6 months ago
fr33domlover f0a0aa1324 Darcs patch view, supporting only text file edit hunks so far 6 months ago
fr33domlover d1540c0fbf Darcs patch reader: Join adjacent remove-add sequences like in the Git module 6 months ago
fr33domlover 48e2a514d2 Data.List.Local: Generalize input list to be any Foldable 6 months ago
fr33domlover 0cd670c23f Data.List.Local: Comment out the unused groupByFst 6 months ago
fr33domlover 4063c2bca6 Initial implementation of Darcs patch reader 6 months ago
fr33domlover a561177788 Plan for parsing Darcs patch for patch view 6 months ago
fr33domlover 9919d66516 Include CSRF token in login form, otherwise the check fails and login fails 6 months ago
fr33domlover a20f5e431e Disable CSRF token check for HTTP git pull 6 months ago
1 / 15 > 3 4