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fr33domlover b346a6703e Implement basic notifications in DB and UI 11 hours ago
fr33domlover 1365124376 Display remote actor name in remote message view 2 days ago
fr33domlover f7db725573 Store names of remote actors in DB for display 2 days ago
fr33domlover b90a3483ce Parse and publish actor outboxes 2 days ago
fr33domlover 4066519a33 Serve AS2 in getSharerInboxR 2 days ago
fr33domlover 863d2e6035 Implement getOutboxR, both (trivial) HTML and AS2 2 days ago
fr33domlover 81370c8a9b Implement getOutboxItemR, serving AS2 and basic HTML 4 days ago
fr33domlover 40e8e6a850 Smarter treatment of recipients that are collections 5 days ago
fr33domlover 0deeb76f6a Allow AP C2S client to list recipients that aren't actors to deliver to 5 days ago
fr33domlover 401bdca71a stack.yaml: List custom deps as extra-deps, not as packages 6 days ago
fr33domlover 0dff8879b1 Fix infinite loop in ActivityPub audience parsing 6 days ago
fr33domlover 2b0d07a56d Remove unused accidentally left line 6 days ago
fr33domlover dba959cd1d In outbox POST handler logging, fix the display of OutboxItemId number 10 days ago
fr33domlover ea6b9e4b2f stack.yaml: List yesod-auth-account under extra-deps using the new syntax 11 days ago
fr33domlover e02a30f94b Grab esqueleto 2.7.0 extra dep instead of pulling from githu8 11 days ago
fr33domlover a116d3ad64 Debug logs for periodic delivery 11 days ago
fr33domlover b1f623e1de Use forkFinally in ResultShare to be sure we always catch exceptions & set MVar 12 days ago
fr33domlover 32fe84fa65 Do some debug logging during delivery in outbox POST handler 12 days ago
fr33domlover 6e99c7dc44 In outbox POST handler, run async delivery using Worker instead of Handler 13 days ago
fr33domlover 66f0cb4f8f Log errors for linked delivery from outbox, both in handler and periodic 13 days ago
fr33domlover 3c813731fa When parsing a `LocalURI`, use a *valid* dummy host 13 days ago
fr33domlover ee7eb93a40 When delivering activities, sign the Digest header 13 days ago
fr33domlover 295de82c95 When publishing a comment via PublishR, don't specify 'published' time 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 0301bdd929 In ticket discussion, have links to the individual messages (MessageR route) 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 7b4e81391f When posting ticket comment in regular UI, don't specify `published` time 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 20debff0cf Switch from persistent-parser to my own parser module 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover abdafa9edc Show note about federation being disabled, and list other known instances 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 49f5a479b9 Fix breadcrumb of TicketMessageR 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover b3f8bae03a Reorder routes to correct the route resolution 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 2fabf30bbd Fix layout bug in homepage 2 weeks ago
1 / 22 > 3 4