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fr33domlover c4eddb7617 UI: In SSH key creation page, list supported key types (only RSA right now) 9 hours ago
fr33domlover 1b2bee57b3 UI: List projectless repos and "Create New" link in personal overview page 9 hours ago
fr33domlover ed13aed784 UI: Take SSH public key in 1 field, then split into key type and content 10 hours ago
fr33domlover efa2d90d7f Publish AS2 representation of SSH keys and list SSH keys in actor documents 12 hours ago
fr33domlover 9bcdd356d6 In Push activity summary, list the titles of the pushed commits 4 days ago
fr33domlover 13d965e383 List repo in Push recipients, it was accidentally not listed 5 days ago
fr33domlover 9844e9c9e0 Fix typo in context property name for Commit objects 7 days ago
fr33domlover c5a4a7a34a In darcs post-apply hook, send a Push object to Vervis 7 days ago
fr33domlover 7e211e818a Install darcs post-apply hooks in darcs repos, no-op hook for now 10 days ago
fr33domlover 98d04d5628 Implement S2S unfollowing using Undo{Follow} 12 days ago
fr33domlover 93ac6aea17 Implement C2S unfollowing, using Undo{Follow} 12 days ago
fr33domlover ae1249795b Add "Follow" button to person, repo, project and ticket pages 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover f97284eaba When successfully submitting a ticket comment, submit Follow activity too 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 73ccecc7f2 Move postTicketsR to Vervis.Handler.Client & submit Follow activity on success 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover a910fb2dcc Move reply authoring code from Vervis.Handler.Discussion to Vervis.Client 2 weeks ago
fr33domlover 6fe8468592 Implement remote following, disable automatic following 3 weeks ago
fr33domlover 69702478bc In S2S Follow, projects allow following their tickets 4 weeks ago
fr33domlover f321ec7c35 Implement S2S Follow for sharers, projects and repos 4 weeks ago
fr33domlover 979e974ea3 Implement C2S Follow activity and add form on /publish page 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover 7046a97679 Don't list non-public follows in follower collections 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover c5352f81c2 Specify visibility in Follow records 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover c354b6a584 Handle post-receive hook, publish a Push activity 5 weeks ago
fr33domlover 1682cdf025 Mechanism for reporting git pushes to Vervis via post-receive hooks 6 weeks ago
fr33domlover 41cba4f4cd Provide darcs log in ActivityPub format 6 weeks ago
fr33domlover d27296ec12 Provide git log in ActivityPub format 6 weeks ago
fr33domlover 6238c23cc2 Use 'context' for Commit's repo, instead of 'repository' 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover 9f9f9fa17e AP representation of git repo branches & preparation for Push activities 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover 9a1a5db99d List libpcre as a system dep 7 weeks ago
fr33domlover 4c92461a40 Provide AP representation of commits, and support committer field 2 months ago
fr33domlover 0629796528 There's a ticket tracker, link to it (thanks ikomi!) 2 months ago
1 / 27 > 3 4