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    [[!tag /news]] [[!meta title=“Some Updates”]] [[!meta updated=“2015-01-21”]]

    Since the move to Trisquel, one of the things missing was the daily backups I had on Debian. 2 days ago I brought the daily backup back. It works just like before, and normally any daily state from the last 2 weeks can be restored.

    The SSL certificates aren’t updated yet. It shouldn’t be difficult, I just didn’t yet take the time to take care of them. I do have Bitlbee and Prosody and everything else running - they’re become “secure” again soon.

    This server/laptop machine is connected to the Internet through a modem/router device running proprietary software, as far as I know. Thanks to the work on LibreCMC and ThinkPenguin, it became possible to get a freedom respecting wifi router (but not a modem yet). So I got one of those too, and very soon it will replace the proprietary router, which will act as a modem only. Hopefully there will be free modems too in the future.

    The C++ work is on hold. I’m not sure I’ll go back to it. Perhaps just small things like making a tarball and uploading the generated documentation, but not serious development. If anyone is interested in that code, feel free to take over its maintenance. I hope I at least got some experience while writing it, and ideas I could use in other places. In particular, the build scripts support Doxygen usage in a portable way, i.e. POSIX features only (apart from one feature that’s very common and is going to be added to POSIX), which may be useful to projects whose scripts are like mm-common’s one, i.e. specific to GNU Make.

    I started learning Haskell and I’m working on a tutorial for the Idan language, after which I’ll write a bit more formal definition of it and a parser in Haskell.

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