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    [[!tag /news]] [[!meta title=“CA and Jabber Serve Update”]] [[!meta updated=“2015-03-04”]]

    Since the move from Debian to Trisquel few months ago, and the move to the domain, the Jabber server and CA haven’t been properly managed and updated. Finally there are news.


    The Rel4tion certificate authority (CA) has been re-created using GnuTLS and the certificates signed by it will soon be signed by the new CA. When that happens, HTTPS and all the other SSL/TLS using services will properly work. They already do work now, but there’s no CA to verify the certificates.

    The Jabber server’s certificate has been signed already by the new CA.

    Information about installing the CA certificate is [[here|/access/tls]].

    Jabber / XMPP

    The Jabber server now uses a new certificate signed by the new CA. Registration is now open, because I have tools to track and prevent spam. Chatrooms are available too. Federation should work, but other Jabber servers probably don’t recognize Rel4tion’s CA or its Jabber server certificate. Of course this can be solved.

    Information about the Jabber server is [[here|/access/jabber]].

    Other News

    I’m working on [[/projects/Idan]]’s manual. When done, I’ll update and tutorial and the definition, and start working on the parser. The current plan is to use parsec for this.

    I’m also working on a patch for Toxic, the text-based Tox client, which adds GNU screen and tmux auto-away support. It’s almost done.

    Hopefully, Trisquel will soon have packages for GHC 7.8.3 and cabal-install 1.20, which means users will have a clean start with Haskell without PPAs and source tarball mess. I just need to fix the merge request. is a new Git hosting website. If you were using Gitorious until the recent announcement about GitLab “acquiring” it, you should consider NotABug. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket… all run proprietary code and/or contain ads. NotABug is a safe place for people who care about their users and protect their software freedom.

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