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    [[!tag /news]] [[!meta title=“First Releases in Haskell Coming”]] [[!meta updated=“2015-05-02”]]

    As usual, nothing too exciting. To be precise, I am excited, but I’m not sure it’s exciting to anyone else. Maybe too early for that. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

    The number of repositories in [[!rel4sub darcs]] is growing. I wrote a definition of [[/projects/Kort]] and started implementing a [[/projects/language-kort|parser]] for it, since it’s much easier than Idan and will give me more tools and experience. There’s a release of [[/projects/text-position]] in [[!hackage text-position desc=Hackage]], and there will be more soon. [[/projects/razom-text-util]] is probably next.

    Since I started using, I’ve seen a lot of interest, especially from [[Chris Webber|]], in GNU Guix and its distribution GuixSD. I read a bit and I’m interested to try too. The point relevant to Rel4tion is that GuixSD may become the target for the packaging of Release 0, instead of (or in addition to) Deb packages. Adding GHC and cabal-install to Trisquel wasn’t an issue because it already had a GHC version, but with Guix I may need to check how to “bootstrap” a self-building package. Or did they already package Haskell tools? I’ll check.

    The mail server got Sieve filtering support. It seems there’s no good CLI or GUI for script editing (Thunderbird is a whole huge MUA and gsieve seems to just give you a GtkTextView et al. to write the script by hand), and I don’t use a supporting MUA nor a web app for e-mail. So here’s an idea for a cute side project: CLI and GUI for creating scripts, with both text editing and a dedicated friendly visual editor, and management of the scripts on the server (list them, update them, delete them, de/activate them and so on).

    I’m using sieve-connect right now, but I had issues when connecting with TLS. Luckily I’m connecting from localhost so I can bypass this, but it’s not a permanent solution. I’ll see how it goes. I’m still in the process of converting my filtering rules to the Sieve language (a few sed runs did most of the work already)

    Hmmmm I think that’s all. The federation related thoughts/work are on hold. Most of the times I work on a side project ([[/projects/collection]] included), it’s a result of stress. This funny univer$ity thing is ruining everything… I’m so much more relaxed and productive in the summer when I have a clear schedule and no homework or exams.

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