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    [[!tag /news]]

    My server’s harddisk is dying. Once in a while, can happen once every day and even more than once a day, there’s a failure which causes a partition to become read-only. When that happens, very soon programs try to write files and fail. That forces me to reboot the server and run fsck to fix the errors and let the system mark bad sectors.

    I can’t be here all the time to reboot when needed, so expect downtime issues in the near future. I never bought or replaced a harddrive, not in a PC and not in a laptop, but I support I’m going to need to. The sooner the better.

    A few days will pass until I get one, replace, reinstall everything back on the server and so on - and there may be problems and complications. I’m not using a VM, so it’s not easy like copying a file. I’ll probably do that during the weekend - either the next one, or the one after it.

    Right now I don’t expect that anyone visits this website or uses anything it offers, so it’s not a big deal, but just in case someone does - now you can expect the downtime and problems during the next few days.

    Sorry for the inconvenience - I’ll fix it as soon as I can :-)

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