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    I probably mentioned in the past that I have problems with my current ISP. Before any updates, here’s a summary:

    These are the technical issues.

    Anyway, here’s the news: This server is moving to a new ISP. Both upload and download speeds should rise. And port 25 should be open (they said they don’t block anything - we’ll see) so I may be able to finally have a fully functional mail server here.

    There’s also a less happy side. The side that requires attention. The IP address is going to change (it will still be static), and I’ll need to update the DNS records. This may not happen in an instant, especially because the change depends on’s authoritative nameservers. Of course I2P should work as usual, and Tor too if I bring the hidden services back until then.

    The change is planned to Thursday, 2014-12-11, between 13 and 15 in the afternoon UTC. It’s not like anything on this server is that critical to anyone - just saying in case the info matters to you.

    Have a good day.

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