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    [[!tag /news]]

    It’s been a while - a week or maybe a bit more - since I got the new hard disk and started moving everything to it. It wasn’t easy because I had so many things to move carefully. Not a technical challenge, but a large amount of work. I’m still not done - the Jabber server, the BitTorrent peer, some cron jobs, the git repo mirroring and several other things aren’t back yet.

    I’m working on them, and soon everything will be back - hopefully with some bonuses :-)

    The important thing is that ikiwiki, git and FTP are all back, so the work can continue.

    Just in case I forgot to mention - I’m now on Trisquel 7, a fully free GNU/Linux distribution. It doesn’t have nonfree repos or packages at all. Since I have lots of server related info here and Trisquel’s wiki isn’t as thorough as Debian’s, I’ll try to move some material there. Especially cookbook-style texts, since those are often missing from general-purpose wikis but are very useful for small servers and people with less technical knowledge like me.

    Partager software development status update: Since Sif and SGP have releases and Sif is ready for (experimental?) use, I’m going to focus on documenting and releasing Tosaf, while finalizing and stable API of Sif. Then there are 2 areas to work on (assuming Dilosi can wait):

    1. Models, structures and algorithms for Naya, the query model
    2. An efficient database implementation (Saugus), probably based on 4store

    I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll use C++ or a compiled functional language for Saugus. I’ll take some time to read about the options and see if I can try the functional approach. Perhaps there are some databases written like that, whose code I can study and reuse.

    [See repo JSON]