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    " Vim syntax file
    " Language:         SGN
    " Maintainer:       fr33domlover <>
    " Last Change:      2015-03-30
    " Roughly based on the EBNF syntax file by Hans Fugal.
    " Bugs
    " - Multi-line rules don't work
    " Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
    if version < 600
      syntax clear
    elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
    syn match   sgnNonTerminal /[a-zA-Z]/ skipwhite nextgroup=sgnSeparator
    syn match   sgnSeparator   "=" contained skipwhite skipempty nextgroup=sgnProduction
    syn match   sgnProduction  /.\+/ contained skipwhite skipempty contains=sgnOperator,sgnDelimiter,sgnTerminal,sgnExplanation,sgnComment,sgnRange,sgnOccurences,sgnUnicodeChar
    syn region  sgnExplanation start=~/~ end=~/~ contained
    syn region  sgnTerminal    start=/"/ end=/"/ contained
    syn region  sgnTerminal    start=/'/ end=/'/ contained
    syn match   sgnUnicodeChar /\\x[0-9a-fA-F]\+/ contained
    syn region  sgnRange       start=/\[/ skip=/\\\]/ end=/\]/ contained
    syn match   sgnOperator    /[|\-*+?!]/ contained
    syn match   sgnOccurences  /#[0-9]\+\(-[0-9]\+\)\?/ contained
    syn match   sgnDelimiter   /[()]/
    syn keyword sgnTodo        TODO FIXME XXX contained
    syn match   sgnComment     /--.*/ contains=sgnTodo
    hi link     sgnExplanation Statement
    hi link     sgnNonTerminal Identifier
    hi link     sgnTerminal    String
    hi link     sgnUnicodeChar SpecialChar
    hi link     sgnRange       Constant
    hi link     sgnOperator    Operator
    hi link     sgnOccurences  Number
    hi link     sgnDelimiter   Delimiter
    hi link     sgnTodo        Todo
    hi link     sgnComment     Comment
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