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    [[!tag /todo/closed]]

    I found the old theme, which used a more gray background, and if I remember it correctly, more green accents, better looking than this new one. I don’t know exactly why the theme was changed, but maybe there is a possibility to let logged-in users choose their own theme. Or maybe you could consider moving back to the old one.

    I think the change that most impacted readability was the switch from a sans-serif font to a mono-space font. I found the old font way more readable. I think it would be better if this site could switch back to a sans-serif font, unless there is a specific reason for going with a mono-space font.


    Thanks for the feedback! I changed the theme because I didn’t like the previous one much anymore. The new theme is based on the terminal: It uses the 16 terminal colors from the Tango color theme. That is also why I changed the font to monospace.

    Is there a problem with the entire theme, or would it be enough to move from monospace back to sans-serif?

    I use the terminal and text-based browsing a lot, so monospace is okay to my eyes. If it looks less readable to you, I’ll change it back. Just make sure it’s actually less readable, and not just a matter of getting used to the new design.

    The green colors were nice, but there is an advantage to the new colors: tickets and TODOs are marked using red, yellow and green. When the links were green, the green of the tickets was less effective.

    Another note: Users of the WWW should know they can change the CSS of websites they visit! It doesn’t seem to be something web designers hurry to tell you, but browsers allow you to tweak the CSS as much as you want. You can even use the older theme if you wish.

    Ikiwiki itself doesn’t support per-user themes. But that wouldn’t solve the problem in 100%, since when you browse without logging in you still see the default theme.

    By the way I’m not exactly an expert web designer. I just did some CSS tweaking. I’m therefore open to advice.


    I think just moving to sans-serif would be good enough, I find sans-serif way easier to read when reading text instead of code. I remember reading somewhere that it might be easier to read because of the extra information you get from the width of characters, but I don’t remember where.

    But of course it isn’t to big of a problem to just keep the monospace font, since I can, like you said, tweak the CSS in my own browser.


    Technically oriented people probably know how to tweak the CSS, and may prefer terminal editing and/or browsing. If sans-serif is generally easier to read, it should probably be the default. Personally, I read the wiki pages from their markdown source in my local copy most of the time, so the font choice is just a design aspect.

    I switched to sans serif. Line height has also been changed to 1.4, because the default makes the text very tight.


    Thanks for switching back to sans-serif! I’m closing this item.


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