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    [[!tag /todo/closed]]

    Another thing that I feel is suboptimal about this site is the fact that the length of lines isn’t limited. I find lines harder to read when they are as long as my screen. It would be great if the lines were just wrapped at some point, although I think that would be quite hard since I have seen the same issue on all other ikiwiki instances I have seen.

    – [[jchmrt]]

    The problem with wrapping like that is, that it won’t adapt well to different screen sizes. It should either be a browser feature, or you can just change the size of your browser window.

    When I redesigned the CSS, I considered limiting the length to 80 columns. The text itself looked reasonable, but I’m not sure many people will find it comfortable. You can try loading this website in a text-based browser like elinks, in a 80-column terminal window, or tweak the CSS using your browser, so that it wraps at, say, 80 columns, and see the result.

    Actually, do you refer to the wiki pages or to the page editor form? In the latter case, you can tell your browser to open an external editor (highly recommended), and then you enjoy Markdown syntax highlighting and line wrapping. If it’s the former case - can you paste some links to websites which have good line wrapping? Then I can adapt their CSS for use here.


    I was referring to the actual wiki pages. I am not a web expert either, but the way to limit line length which always worked on all kinds of devices for me was just adding a simple CSS rule which specified the max-width of the paragraphs to be a certain number of pixels. For example:

    p {
        max-width: 700px;

    This makes sure that if the display is longer than 700px, the line lengths of paragraphs are limited to 700px, but if it is smaller, it just uses all available spaces like before.


    Some people seem to prefer the lines to be as long as the screen allows. I could make the page pargins wider, but if you switch to a wider screen you’ll get long lines again.

    I suggest you tweak the CSS in the browser according to your preferences and screen size. We should be making CSS tweaking more popular, making the gap between users and developers smaller :-)

    If there’s trouble with the browser UI for tweaking CSS (I rarely use it myself), tell me.


    Okay, I’ll tweak my browser CSS and I’m closing this ticket


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