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    This wiki uses 2 CSS files:

    1. The one supplied by the actiontabs theme (which the wiki uses through the theme plugin)
    2. The [[local.css]] customization, which changes all the colors

    The syntax highlighting colors are based on the Oblivion theme of GtkSourceView. The following highlight theme should produce more-or-less similar results:

    [[!format lua """ [[!inline pages=“editing/css/partager.theme” raw=“yes”]] """]]

    After installing the theme, it is possible to generate CSS output and paste it in [[local.css]] or in the gitweb CSS file, etc. to use the colors in web pages. Generate the CSS with the following command:

    highlight -c FILENAME.css -s partager --print-style

    Here is the content of [[local.css]], colorized by its own colors:

    [[!format css """ [[!inline pages=“local.css” raw=“yes”]] """]]

    [See repo JSON]