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    NOTE: Some info here is outdated. A wiki account can easily be created by clicking “Edit” in any page, which will take you to a registration form asking for username and password.

    Editing Wiki Pages

    This wiki is powered by the ikiwiki software.

    Creating an Account

    Before you can edit, you’ll need to create an account. Maybe one day many people will want to participate and then registration could be made with just a username and a password, but at the moment it also requires getting a registration code, which you can get only from me. It’s not a test or something: I just want to know the people with whom I work :-) and prevent spam. Yes, spam is one of the ugly sides of our society. Where is the global brotherhood?

    If you want to participate, talk to me face-to-face or on IRC or on Jabber or by e-mail or by I2PBote or any other way. See the [[contact]] page.

    Git Commits

    If you prefer to edit using git - great, I prefer that too. It’s much safer to use an SSH key for connecting and a PGP key for signing a commit, than just a password like the web interface. Since right now there aren’t any locked pages (unless some are automatically locked, e.g. user pages), it really doesn’t make much difference how you edit. I’ll just need your public SSH key.

    All the commits to git are done with git commit -S, so that they’re all signed. It’s much more secure than letting people specify name and e-mail by themselves for each commit, risking having automatic spam pretend to be one of the team members and cause chaos in the repository. And it will hopefully allow me to accept commits by GPG trust paths in the future. For now it’s just the extra -S option and either you type the GPG key password every time, or you tell your computer to remember it for you.

    [See repo JSON]