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    Here’s how to get Rel4tion software in its various forms: directly from the source repository, as distributed tarballs or as distro packages.

    When Rel4tion was born, most of the components were written in C++. Later, there was a move to Haskell. The C++ projects are inactive, but perhaps they can still be useful to someone and be developer further.

    Source Repository

    Rel4tion uses mainly the Darcs version control system, but there are also a few Git repositories. See [[/servers]] page for links. Each project has its own build instructions, but they’re mostly very similar. The inactive C++ projects are stored in Git repositories, and the Haskell projects are stored in Darcs repositories.

    For example:

    For the (now inactive) C++ projects stored in Git repositories:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd sif
    $ ./
    $ make
    $ su
    # make install

    For the Haskell projects stored in Darcs repositories:

    $ darcs get
    $ cd smaoin
    $ cabal configure
    $ cabal install --dependencies-only
    $ cabal build
    $ cabal install


    Releases are made in the form of tarballs. These are compressed archives which contain the sources and some build files like the configure script. You’ll find full instructions inside the tarballs and explanation about verification on this wiki and in the FTP server’s README file. Tarballs can also be downloaded using [[/torrents]].

    The Haskell tarballs are currently just being distributed to Hackage, and can be downloaded from there using cabal-install.

    Here’s a basic example that uses FTP to download a C++ project:

    $ wget
    $ wget
    $ gpg --recv-keys 63E5E57D
    $ gpg --verify sif-0.1.0.tar.lz.sig
    $ tar xvf sif-0.1.0.tar.lz
    $ cd sif-0.1.0
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ su
    # make install

    For a Haskell project, just use cabal-install:

    $ cabal install smaoin

    Distribution Packages

    None at the moment, but it’s possible to create packages at least for some of the C++ projects using a tool like checkinstall. When anything gets into the distros, this page will be updated to mention it.

    The primary targets for packaging the Haskell projects are going to be GuixSD and Trisquel.

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