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    Rel4tion is developed and this place is maintained by [fr33domlover].

    Any help, participation, involvement, comments and feedback are very welcome. It is a “non profit” project made for the love of it, and has nothing to do with money, corporations or jobs. There is nothing sophisticated, academic or professional about it. Therefore, in this place everyone can be an equal participant, and every contribution is important and matters as any other.

    Indeed sometimes people come and ask questions, although at this early stage there is no actual community around the project, since no platform releases have been made yet and there’s not much interesting software to play with. But there are already several communication channels. Choose below your favorite one.

    Discussion Pages

    Each page in this wiki can have a discussion sub-page. When browsing the wiki, you can see a “Discussion” tab near the top right corner of the window. Clicking will take you to the discussion page (if it exists) or will let you create it (if doesn’t exist yet).

    Currently it requires creating an account (just username and password, should be quick and simple), but possibly in the near future discussion pages will become open for editing without it, and the accounts may be merged with another server (e.g. Freepost, see below), so making an account there will also allow logging in here.

    For more info about participating in the wiki, see [[/access/wiki]] and [[/editing]].


    Freenode channels:


    Rel4tion’s [[Jabber server|/access/jabber]] has several public conference rooms. Federation is supported, so you can participate from any Jabber server.

    Relaying between Jabber and IRC is planned, but hasn’t been set up yet.


    The forums are part of the wiki: [[/forums]].

    Mailing Lists

    See the [[/access/mailing-lists]] page.

    There have been ideas about trying distributed solutions like Syndie, I2PBote, GNUnet and others. But for now there are just the simple regular mailing lists.


    Freepost is a friendly community of people using and making free software, and generally concerned about freedom and privacy. You’re welcome to join at, and/or visit the IRC channel mentioned above.


    You can contact fr33domlover directly, see [[here|fr33domlover]].

    [See repo JSON]