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    There is a [[Bitlbee|]] instance running at It allows users to access a variety of instance messaging (IM) systems and protocols using an IRC client. You connect to Bitlbee using IRC, and it handles the connection to e.g. Jabber.

    This place also has a [[Jabber]] server (independently of Bitlbee, you don’t have to use it).


    Registration is required. It’s done manually by [[fr33domlover]]. He can send you your username and initial password (which you should probably change) via encrypted e-mail, or Jabber+OTR, or IRC+OTR, or Tox - whatever you prefer.

    The SSL certificate is signed by the Rel4tion CA. If you’d like to trust the CA itself (and not just the Bitlbee certificate), see [[TLS]].

    Here’s a usage example. It’s for [[Weechat|]] but works in similar fashion for other IRC clients.

    Add the server:

    /server add bitlbee -ssl -autoconnect

    Tell Weechat to automatically identify you to Bitlbee (note that you’ll need to update this is you set a new password for Bitlbee):

    /set irc.server.bitlbee.command "/msg -server bitlbee &bitlbee identify yourpasswordhere"

    In the &bitlbee channel, add a Jabber server:

    account add jabber yourjabberpassword

    Join the Rel4tion community channel. It’s another way to discuss, ask for help and so on, but you just use #rel4tion on Freenode for this. You are free to choose.

    chat add 0 #rel4-community
    /join #rel4-community

    For Bitlbee related questions:

    Have fun!

    [See repo JSON]