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    Partager is a data and information access framework. It defines a new way for communicating information between humans and machines. This new way is compatible with how humans think and communicate, and at the same time based on a model computers and software can use to pass information to each other. The project also aims to use this system to provide free and open communication and computing tools and resources accessible to everyone.

    Instead of organizing information in ways based on data structures - e.g. the file system’s folder hierarchy - it can now be organized by context, meaning, role and relations to other information. Your computer can now understand the difference between books, articles and papers. It can synchronize different versions of files, track various sources of them - local and online - and execute sophisticated queries of information. Access to information is now a separate power your computer gives you, not depending on the specific file manager or music player or album viewer you use.

    All sharing of information between computers is done directly, in a safe, private and (if you wish) anonymous manner, with no third parties involved. No information leaks, no abuse, no central authorities.

    These concepts have similarities to “semantic desktop” and some features are similar to what existing semantic desktop implementations provide (Tracker, Nepomuk). But Partager takes this field several steps forward, extending the semantic framework to fulfill new roles and handle more kinds of information, including server databases, permissions, software repositories and much more. Rather than managing just user files like music, e-mail, pictures, movies and documents, Partager’s system is made to manage any digital information, and handles all kinds of information uniformly.

    Partager consists of a data management and sharing system named [[projects/Razom]], and of applications, interfaces and tools which solve common problems using Razom as an information access backend.

    The heart of system’s design is an information description model named [[projects/razom/Smaoin]], which is similar to the popular [[!wikipedia Resource Description Framework]] (but not identical and not designed for compatibility). If you know RDF, understanding Smaoin will be very easy. Notable differences are the integrated statement identifiers (which means quads are used instead of triples) and the internationalization system, which also implements the use of namespaces and labels for referring to resources (while the resource identifiers themselves are random meaningless strings). Smaoin is also accompanied by query model and a query language. The model is actively researched and developed, testing and questioning the limits of expressing queries to the computer.

    The source code is released under GPLv3+, and all designs and documents are released under CC-BY-SA 4.0, except where noted otherwise. More info [[here|use-and-reuse]].

    Partager is a free software project.

    [See repo JSON]