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    Mission: Take a part in creating a world based on love, sharing, freedom, cooperation, giving and global brotherhood. Do this by being the change, i.e. live, do and create things according to these principles.

    Here’s how.

    1 :: Basic Needs

    Create a community garden (hopefully more than one) and a free-content knowledge base to help everyone start their own gardens. The purpose is to allow people to grow their own food in small communities, thys reducing the dependency on money and centralized powers and authorities, and moving to a love and sharing based society model, in which the “personal gain” from giving is the giving itself. Share what grows in the garden freely.

    Create clothes of all kinds, learn how to do it effectively and create a knowledge base to help everyone do the same. Teach other people. Share the made clothes freely. This will allow people to depend less on money and stop feeding the clothing industry which abuses poor and weak people. Those people must be assisted as well in the process of creating self-sufficient communities.

    Find ways to use natural clean renewable green energy, such as energy from the sun, the wind, the Earth and the water. Operate homes entirely with this kind of energy. Develop ways to replicate the setup in many homes and build communities which don’t need the central power lines.

    Develop ways to build houses in green sustainable ways. Create a knowledge base. The the knowledge freely. Help others learn and build houses too, for themselves and for others. Handle sewage inside the house by using it to feed the soil in which the food-giving plants grow. Recycle everything.

    2 :: Technology

    Run community Internet services. Learn how to run them. Create a free-content knowledge base. Help others run the same thing in their local communities. Run a local nonprofit ISP. Run cables, create an independent wired mesh network, thus creating a parallel free Internet with open acces for all.

    Develop a semantic information management system, and use it to bring the power and control of information back to its owner, the user. Develop a network layer which doesn’t require centralized servers and allows people to communicate safely and as privately as they wish, using distributed technologies. This whole effort must be led by the community, which is important for several reasons:

    1. The deep understanding of the work, the source code and the models is kept inside the community and there’s no dependency on parties with dangerous selfish interests.
    2. No funding or business interests can affect the effort and the amount of work done and resources spent
    3. The collaboration model is always scalable and welcoming

    In order to ensure the technology is aimed at advancement and benefit of all of mankind equally, and at nothing else, any kind of funding will be used carefully if at all, in a way which doesn’t create a dependency on central funding sources. As a result, crowdfunding (not necessarily through money) is the main good option. The best general way to help is support the efforts described in the previous sections, allowing the people to waste less time on money related things and have time to actually work on the project. The best non-general way is probably to help with the development and related tasks.

    [See repo JSON]