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fr33domlover 65c7c3d01d Build with LTS 13, fix build warnings 8 weeks ago
fr33domlover b49a86f601 Fix test suite, adapt to API changes 2 months ago
fr33domlover 7e2ef05cc0 Adapt API to a change in http-signature library 2 months ago
fr33domlover facdab725c New function signRequestInto, allows to specify name of header to place the sig 2 months ago
fr33domlover 2700ab7286 Add test suite with a simple test using Warp/Wai and a cryptonite Ed25519 key 4 months ago
fr33domlover bcf2595570 Insert host header into request if it's needed for the signature 4 months ago
fr33domlover d7410611ff Adapt to changes in `http-signature` 6 months ago
fr33domlover 4fbda95a45 Initial code 6 months ago
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