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Name VCS Description
berenice Darcs JSON-LD parsing, processing, serialization
darcs-lights Darcs Library with some API for working with Darcs repos
darcs-rev Darcs Compile Darcs revision info into your project
hit-graph Darcs Run graph algorithms on git repo data
hit-harder Darcs More Git tools in pure Haskell based on the 'git' Haskell package
hit-network Darcs Git protocol implementation in pure Haskell
http-client-signature Darcs Cryptographic signing of HTTP requests
http-signature Darcs Cryptographic signing and verification for HTTP requests
language-subtag-registry Darcs Parser for IANA language subtag registry
language-tags Darcs Parsing and encoding of BCP47 language tags
network-iri Darcs URI and IRI manipulation
persistent-email-address Darcs Use EmailAddress from email-validate in your DB
persistent-graph Darcs Representing, querying and editing graphs with Persistent
persistent-migration Darcs Specify DB migrations in terms of your persistent model
ssh Darcs SSH server library, fork of Hackage one but hoping to get patches upstream
time-interval-aeson Darcs Specify time intervals in JSON and YAML
vervis Darcs Eventually-decentralized project hosting and management platform
vervis-wiki Git Wiki for the Vervis project
yesod-auth-account Git Authentication backend for Vervis, fork of Hackage package by the same name
yesod-http-signature Darcs Cryptographic request verification for Yesod web apps
yesod-mail-send Darcs Send email from your Yesod web app

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